Paint Decor Studio

Paint Decor Studio is the home of Denver mural artist Michelle Frances and, on occasion, a few of her awesomely talented friends. Michelle's art includes murals, decorative paint effects, faux finishes and decorative plasters in addition to portraits, pet portraits and custom fine art pieces. Please take a few minutes to browse this site and don't miss the archive (as there are more photos there than anywhere else). If you are using Explorer and having trouble viewing pictures go to the archive and you should be able to see images there.

Bird murals in Denver kitchen. Although these paintings are of birds form around the world it seems a perfect fit in this Colorado home as it incorperates the dark warm wood and a very natural, ‘bringing the outdoors in’ theme.  

It always helps when an artist has a high quality canvas and that is just what this kitchen was for me. It was a lovely space and the clients were amazing to work with. Linda wanted something fairly subtle yet colorful that incorporated her favorite little creatures… birds. 

I never know whether to label this as mural work or decorative painting… it borders on both…. subtle abstracted vines, fairly literal birds and butterflies and a oil glaze to finish and antique everything a bit.

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